We guarantee professionalism!

The specific idea of CarCompare was found in 2005. We specialised in car and utility vehicle rental and procurement for test and comparison purposes in motor and supply industries.


Yes, we can make it!

We procure any vehicle you want, as well as any supplies and replacement parts you would like to have. It does not matter if you need any special colour, equipment, modification of a motor, or if you like to buy or rent the vehicle.

How to

We keep on good terms with our contacts.

Our contacts to importers, dealers and manufacturers make it possible for us to procure any special equipped and motorised vehicles at any time you want. We often deal with rare, not yet imported vehicles, which are sometimes not even available on the open market.


Everyone is a specialist in his or her field.

Our competent employees do their utmost to handle every order reliably and professionally. Here you can find your personal contacts.